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Gerry Lewy's Free Gem Setting Essays

Hello everyone!
Just to let you know that there have been a total of 460 requests, now in
16 countries of these ‘Diamond Setting Essays’. You really need these notes
to further your education in preparing for 'Computer Aided Designing",
jewellery fabrication, Graver preparation, attempting to “Bright-Cut” for
the first time. Finishing your Full-Bezels, Gypsy/Flush Settings, I even
use the Gravers for finishing Princess Stone settings, and of course
Where would you all be if you hadn’t read some of these notes? I’ve seen
some pretty ‘cruddy looking’ Full-Bezels at the beginning of my classes. I
sometimes ask my students “why don’t you use a graver?”…“I dunno, no one
showed me how” or “How do I hold one?”, "How do I keep it sharp?"
All of these 3 questions & more are in my notes. Imagine how many more
patterns you will put into your inventory, with your new knowledge of
stone setting? I am 100% sure you won’t be breaking those delicate
Princess-Cut stones after viewing setting-notes on “Important Setting
These setting notes are here just for you, just send me your ‘full email
address’ (— & you will receive 1.185Gig’s of “FREE” information!
All emails, with your names are kept 100% private!!! There are only 114
setting topics in my essays, collected over 55 YEARS & I’m still writing
Gerry Lewy
Toronto, Ontario.


Gerry, I would love to have and use your essays! I need all the setting info for those tricky stones!
All the best, Chaika

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May I have your email address…PLEASE!

Gerry Lewy
Toronto, Ontario.

Gerry, of course! Chaika@comcast(dot)net Thank you!

Would adore copy of your collection of hard won wisdom! Thank you, wonderful human!
Eileen Schneegas

Hi Gerry,

I have read a lot of your posts… Love them and would appreciate a copy of “Diamond Setting Essays”.

Thank you in advance,
Richard langbert

Hi Richard
I reprinted a long essay that just appeared in the MJSA magazine in the May issue. Now then you’ll have loads to read via Ganoksin.:slight_smile:
This essay is totally on Diamond Setting!!!

Gerry! from my mobile-phone!

Hello Gerry,
Please send me your notes -
Your video is very helpful thank you

I would love to have a copy of your setting notes. Email:
Thank you!

Hi Gerry it’s Suzanne from Australia .
I have a question and then a favor if I may be so presumptuous .
The favor is, can I please have a copy of the article that you spoke of in your post to Richard , I think it was from the May issue of the MSJA magazine. Again in America there is so much more access to schools and workshops and magazines regarding jewellery making . Here in Australia there is only 1 Technical college that offers apprentice training in my state which has the highest population in the country. OH WELL…
The second is have you ever used or do you know how to use a Collette setting Jig . I’d like to try to do a class on it , for the members of the Lapidary club I belong to . If your not able to that’s OK. I’d thought I might just try anyway . Again I have to say just how much I am awed by you giving freely of your time to all of us that have received your emails that you soo
very much .

Good Day,

I admire your willingness to share your knowledge, may I have a copy of the essays.

MIke Baynard

Hi Gerry,

Thank you for your generous sharing of your hard-won knowledge.

I’d be delighted to have a copy of your notes, and be added to your list for future notes.


Thanks again, Julia
Seattle, WA

Hi Gerry,

What a wonderful resource!
I’d greatly appreciate a copy of your gem setting essays.

Thank you,
Alice Sauer
Prescott, AZ

Hi Gerry,

I am not sure what happened but although I sent you my e-address to get
your notes they did not arrive. I checked my spam but not there.
Is there some place else I need to send my address?
I really appreciate your generosity with sharing your knowledge. (sharron has 2 r´s…)


Hi Gerry,

Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge. Appreciate it. Please send the
essays to

Thank you.

Thank you for sharing your essays! I would love to receive them!
Mary Jo

Gerry, Yes please. My email is
Thank you!

Hi, Gerry, Please send me a set of your essays. Thanks, Mary


I would love a copy of your essays! Thank you!

I would be very grateful to have your notes. Please and thank you!