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Germanium silver

Hi, I am looking for and silver germanium dealer. Does anyone have
working experience with this metal? Please tell me your

Guy Audette
Quebec city

Hi, Here is a link that may be helpful:

The trademark names for the alloy aRe: Sovereign Sterling and
Argentium Sterling Here is a quote from the website:

"Argentium Sterling=AE, a registered and patented alloy developed by
Peter Johns, is currently being produced by the Finnish manufacturer
Kultakeskus, and Thessco Ltd. in England under a licensing agreement
from Middlesex University, England. Argentium is a trade name.

The sole North American licensee for this alloy is Vaasa Sterling
Ltd., 26 Sky Manor Rd., PO Box 675, Pittstown, NJ 08807,
908/996-7371, Fax: 908/996-5219."

It seems that Argentium Sterling is much more resistant to firestain
than regular sterling. It tarnishes much less than regular sterling.
When tarnish does occur it can be removed with plain water and a

Hope this helps.
Daniel B. Tregembo - DanielBe Jewelry

 looking for and silver germanium dealer 

If you mean the silver-germanium-silicon “bright” silver alloys,
this info.:

should help.
Allan Heywood

Dear Guy, I would contact Jeffrey Herman Director of the Society of
American Silversmiths. You can contact him through the website at hope thhis helps. PW