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German Silver

G’day, Lira You asked about German silver and I deleted your
request before I intended but here goes. As you say it was a
subject of a previous posting, but german silver and nickel
silver are the same thing, and it contains no silver at all. It
is a hard alloy of 65% copper, 17% zinc and 18% nickel. It is a
kind of brass really but silvery in colour and quite hard. It is
used mainly to make spoons, forks, etc, and is then electroplated
with silver hence the initals found on such goods: EPNS - electro
plated nickel silver. Another use is in metal inlays, where it
makes a nice contrast with ordinary brass and copper. It is not
now used much in jewellery as nickel is an allergen and affects
some people who use it quite severly. Hope that’s all you need,

   / /    John Burgess, 
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