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Gerhard Becker Carvings - need address

Listmembers, I have just returned from a trip to Maine, where I
was lucky enough to, with a partner, acquire a collection of 11
Gerhard Becker Maine Tourmaline gem bird carvings. Included was
one of the famous “Fighting Cocks” pieces. NEAT! Anyway, the
reason for this note is that one of the carvings is damaged and
I would like to contact Mr. Becker to see if it is possible to
have it repaired. Does anyone have his Email address or other
contact info? I would very much appreciate
any help in this matter. Sincerely, Ron Schanfish

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Ganoksin Online

Dear Ron This website has the links to German manufacturers,
metalsmiths, stone cutters and carvers etc. Maybe you are luckier
than me to locate the address of Gerhard Becker from this web
site. Kind regards from Istanbul, Oya Borahan