Geometric Shapes Fabrication

I have, for the last several years, been working with geometric,
crystaline shapes in my designs. Over time, these shapes, have become
a bit complicated and we’ve decided to produce some of them in series
though the use of casting. Unfortunately, we sometimes run into the
usual casting problems of pits and other nastiness, often late in the
process. Needless to say, this is frustrating and wasteful of our
time and resources.

We have a hydrolic press in our shop and I’m certain there must be a
way that this press can help in solving our fabrication problems,
but I don’t know enough about dies to know how. I am would very much
appreciate if anyone could offer any suggestions or that
might help lead me towards a solution.



You might be able to the shapes in dies - depending
upon the undercuts and the $$$ you have to work with. We do that.
This could eliminate casting. Many people have tried to cast and
strike parts but he effort/$$$ are generally not effective.
HIP’ing(hot isostatic pressing) cast parts are an alternative - if
you can find someone willing to run your parts. You could have your
parts machined. We do that. Or… you can find a better caster! One
who will take the time to sprue up your parts for the best quality
casting. We do that too. If you can send/post pictures I can help
assess the best method. More than happy to do that. Happy hunting.

Paul Finelt, CIRM
PF Associates, LL.C.