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Genie air pump

Hi folks, I’m having a problem with my Diamond Pacific Genie.
After a couple of years of reliable use, the air pump assembly is
causing trouble. The shaft which turns inside a brass/bronze
sleeve in the pump base assembly to drive the piston rotates
freely when I have both pieces in my hand. When assembled and
operating, however, the lubricant rapidly turns to sticky gunk,
freezing the cylinder movement and causing the belt to slip.
I’ve used 30 wt engine oil, 3-in-1 oil, cooking oil!, vaseline.
None seem to last for more than three or four cabs. I’ve cleaned
the shaft and sleeve with mineral spirits before reoiling and
I’ve tried using very fine emery paper/crocus cloth. Short of
buying a new pump assembly, does anyone have a suggestion? Thanks
for any help, Larry

Orchid Digest Post:
Re: Genie air pumpFrom:

How about using a silicone-based lubricant? It sounds like your
other tries were all organic or carbon-based, and those can cook
if they get too hot. Tas

From: “David D. Arens”

Hi Larry, Why not give thje folks a Diamond Pacific a call. I’m
sure they’ll be able to help you, probably faster than you think.

From: “Seymour, Lee”

Try using a very thin coat of molybdenum grease such as
Moly-Kote which should be available at auto parts stores. Note
very thin layer. Lee

From: Demetrius Martin

Yeah try using spray sillicon or liquid graphite. Demetrius Martin