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Generic Jewelry Tools on Amazon

I found a lot of tools on Amazon which are “by Generic”, but I can’t find info on the company. They have some nice-looking disk cutters. Anyone have any experience with their merchandise?

Janet in Jerusalem

Hi Janet - could you post some examples please (links perhaps)? Thanks

I’m not sure why Amazon does this, but often “by Generic” is used in their product description almost more like a descriptive term rather than the actual seller. For instance, if you click on any of those disk cutters and look by the “add to cart” area, you’ll see beneath it something like, “Sold by M&H Global” or “Sold by DBMIMPORTS” depending on the cutter. Then you can check out those companies to see if they’re any good.

It’s not in the product description–it’s where the manufacturer’s name usuaqlly appears. See:

That’s correct. Now click on one of the products to bring up it’s specific page. Look at the right-hand side where it says add to cart. Above that, it will say “sold by X”

On the far right beneath the quantity option, but above the “add to cart” button, it says “Sold by M&H Global”

I’m not sure what your point is—most products on Amazon are not sold by the manufacturer. In this thread, I am interested in the product’s manufacturer and not in its seller.

Since there are many different sellers, you can now contact them individually to ask them about the manufacturer of their product. Otherwise you’re just guessing that they are all made by the same company and sold through the various “generic” outlets. . .which may certainly be the case, but unless the product is specifically branded by the manufacturer, we simply don’t know that for a fact.

I learned early on that purchasing a good quality disc cutter is a wise investment. Pepe makes a decent cutter its not the best by any stretch, its certain to please for many years if well cared for. My set is over 8 years old and still cutting beautifully.


I suspect that “by Generic” means that the manufacturer is unknown. Most likely it is a cut-rate factory in China or India that produces the sort of tools one finds hanging on a rack in the local 99¢ store.

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I’ve contacted Amazon sellers a number of times. Those sellers were located in various countries as well as in the USA where I am. They were usually helpful, friendly, and informative. I suggest contacting the seller with specific questions.
That said, I agree, and I’m sure Janet knows, that you get what you pay for with disc cutters. I’d sooner buy them on eBay or Etsy from one of the jewelry tool sellers than on Amazon.

Over the forty years I have been collecting jewelers’ tools, I have often found excellent, cheap tools from small, unknown companies in far away places. In other words, “you get what you pay for” is not necessarily the case…:-)… Granted, I only made such purchases when I discovered the tools in person and was able to recognize their quality. As far as Amazon goes, if you are buying a known brand, I don’t believe it makes any difference if you get it from Amazon or Etsy or wherever. One of the great plusses of Amazon is the quantity of user reviews.

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Hi Janet
I got a disc cutter set from Amazon the set looked almost exactly like Swanstrom’s
it works great no problems
for me I’ll spend big on some and cheap out on others its a gamble some times
as a tool junkie I am new to jewelry so Im staring fresh about a year into working at a bench in my basement combined with my lapidary tools a little cramped
just got the Durston Agile 130 frolling mill for me that was a no brainer