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Genealogy and found object based jewelry


I am a second year student at South Nottingham College in Nottingham
England. I am interested in using found objects in jewellery. My
theme will be based on my genealogical family’s photos, signatures
and newspaper articles reduced to the appropriate scale.

My materials will be silver, and non-precious metals family fabrics
used to make textures or in a rolling mill, fabric with printed
images and the objects such as a WWI dog tag.

I am looking forward to learning more about the best ways of making
and printing copies as well as other’s experiences in the area of
found objects and genealogy.

Could someone help me with names of jewellers who specialize in
found objects? I know of famous ones Susan Lenhart Kazmer, and there
is also a very famous man whose name escapes me just now.

Thanks for consideration of my query,

Suella Postles

Keith Lo Bue is a great example of an artist working in this vein.

Could someone help me with names of jewellers who specialize in
found objects? 

Be sure to look at Kiff Slemmons, Roberta and David Williamson, and
our very own Andy Cooperman-- for three very different takes on
the use of found objects.


Hi Suella.

I am a jeweller in Nottingham and I did my art foundation at South
Notts a few years ago. Good luck with your project.


Hello Suella and England (I love it there!!)

There are people here, and there too, no doubt, who photoetch
photographs, sometimes for art, mostly for printing. It’s
complicated, but might be a useful thought to you…

Dear Suella,

The January 2007 issue of Art Jewelry has an article featuring seven
jewelry makers who are working with antique photography and found
objects. Email me off forum with your land address and I will send you
a copy.

I would recommend any of these jewelry artist for their high quality
craftsmanship, execution of concepts, and originality.

Nanz Aalund
Associate Editor / Art Jewelry magazine
21027 Crossroads Circle / Waukesha WI 53187-1612
262.796.8776 ext.228