"Gemz"- Diamond Setting notes!

This is an open letter to all members on Orchid: As you all know I am
a writer to Bench trade magazine for the past two years. Through the
past issues have appeared many of my articles just on Diamond
Setting. It is now that I have written 10 pages of setting notes
during the past two weeks. If anyone wishes to read them, please
send me your request to @Gerald under the subject heading of
“Setting Notes” and I will reply in 24 hours…! lots more to
come!!! “Gerry, the Cyber-Setter !” “www.gemzdiamondsetting.com
North America, toll free:1-877-850-0003 Member of: MJSA, CJA, JDN
Contributing writer to the American “BENCH” trade magazine. Gem
Setting teacher for George Brown College “Casa Loma Campus”.

Hanuman’s Response

Hi Gerry, Orchid would love to read your notes. How about posting it on