Gemvision Software

Hi Gang! Has anyone out there used a computer program called
GemVision? I saw it demo-ed today and it is incredible! It is a bit
pricey though at 13 to 15,000.00. It comes with a digital video
camera and allows you to take a photo of a ring or a sketch and
digitize it into the computer. Then you can put any size and number
of stones in the design and get a printout to give to a customer.
Also, you can take Stullers (or others) catalog cd and use the
images from it. It takes just a few minutes to get a completed
design and the quality is excellent. Custom designs are limitless.
It would be excellent for appraisals too. The camera has 10x
optics. Anyone used it and had success? Ken

Aloha, The software(Gemvision) is geared to remounts(your
scanned styles) or Matt Stullers line(Stuller Settings,in the
library).This is a program that you can manipulate existing
product,not a Jewelry (graphic) design program.It is basically a
photo edit program,with jewelry specific add ons.You still can
show a customer your concept or theirs,as far as a remount is
concerned,but,you still need to make it.At that price you would
be better served buying JewelCAD($4,000) or
MasterCam($12,000),(or another CAD/CAM system) and get someone
to make it(the mounting) or buy the hardware yourself.Just my
humble opinion. Regards, Christian Grunewald Jewelry By Design
Precision Modelmaking Hawaii

Ken: We are in the process of purchasing the GemVision setup. It
is a great = expense if you do not use it to it’s fullest
potential. We do a lot of = special order designs and appraisal
work, the system would be an asset = for our business. I am
scheduled for training in Iowa next month. The = expense for
setup can only be justified by your projected business =
performance reflecting the expected revenue generated by using
the = machine. Our POS software has the option for product images
and we will be = digitizing all of the products for the inventory
application. I also = have two wholesale vendors who want their
inventory on CD Rom for their = customers. These two outside
projects will probably pay for our initial = investment. Put
everything on the balance and look for the answer! Visit my web
sites! Business Site: Personal Site: Regards,

Roger W. Kitchens