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Gemvision Revo B mill question

I’m using Matrix9.0 and for the last 3 years have been printing my models with Formlabs F2 and now F3 printers. The casting success rate is 50/50 and I’m tired of the failures so I started using my Revo B mill again. It is 13 years old now and still runs well. But somewhere down the line it will have an issue and need to be repaired. Has anyone found a resource for mill repair?

Can I ask if you know why your castings were failing? What metal were you casting? Was it the burnout leaving ash or…? Just curious.


Gemvision is still around, although I notice they’re not featuring Revo mills any more. Have you asked them who they recommend for Revo repairs?

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately Stuller purchased GemVision several years ago. Three years ago they stopped supporting the Gemvision Revo mills. They don’t have any recommendations for repair work.

Helpful hint… Back up that shuttle hard drive, mine crashed and I cannot get the mill back working. nightmares trying to find software.
I was using it to cast simple straight pieces, wax ALWAYS casts well!

Do you still need a copy of the revo software?

Absolutely!!! It is breaking my heart watching the mill collect dust.

How do you back up the shuttle hard drive?

By the way, I am using Formlabs Form3 printer with Castable Wax resin but the castings usually don’t do well so I’ve gone back to using the mill as much as I can.

I would say google it.
I think I would purchase a small external drive and mirror the drive in the shuttle.

I have used B9, Formlabs and now Tiger, castings seem to be hit or miss. There are people out there getting consistent results but I have not hit the right numbers.
I am mixing boric acid in with the investment to harden it. Let it sit for 2 hours, then 5 hours at 300 F, 2 hours at 1000F, 2 hours at 1450F and then down to casting temp. Bear in mind that is my oven, not sure how accurate the temps are, the oven is an old programmable Neycraft that is more than 30 years old. That is with the burgundy resin from Romanoff. Last several castings came out quite well. 14K yellow and white.

Like I said, wax always casts well…