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Gemstones on Etsy

I am wondering whether anyone has any experience of buying gemstones
on Etsy? There are so many Etsy suppliers and it is hard to know
whether they are good, fair and genuine sellers.

Otherwise, are there any other gemstone suppliers that someone could
recommend. I am not talking high quality diamonds etc. but certainly
decent semi-precious stones that could be used in pieces and sold
with honesty.

The Tucson gem show was not an option this year. I will keep my eyes
open for local gem shows/vendor days in New England.


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Emma, for quality gemstones at a very fair price I highly recommend
Stachura. Everything I have gotten from them has been just perfect.

I would avoid Etsy, as you never know what you will be getting and
returning ones you don’t feel measure up to what you expected, is a
real hassle.

In fact, I am struggling with some tongue shaped stones which I got
from Etsy, which are not calibrated, so matching identical ones for
earrings is a pain. Also, they are so poorly shaped that they are
straight over half way down, before they begin to slope, making a
tight fit with a bezel quite a challenge. Making deeper bezels is
not an optionas it would devour over half the stone.

Right now I am trying to find what kind of adhesive or epoxy I
shoulduse to keep them firmly anchored as I don’t trust the shallow
bezels whichlook the best, but offer no security. Suggestions will
be appreciated.


Yes I have bought from Etsy and have received good quality

Hi Emma,

You can buy from some sellers on Etsy, or you can go on Facebook.
There area number of groups, including Gemology Worldwide which,
while not directlya seller, has a LOT of dealers and colored stone
cutters as members. I hadthe opportunity to meet a number of them in
Tucson this year. Quite a number of them are GGs and FGAs, have
booths at the AGTA and GJX shows or work for companies which do, and
I would guess you’d have a very good chance of finding one of them
suitable as a source for pretty much whatever you need.

Without knowing what your target market is, I won’t be any more
specific about recommending individuals. I’d be just as likely to
waste your time and point you at someone completely unsuitable.

If your looking for OPALS I’ve had good relations with an Australian
business called THE OPAL HUT. For Higher end stones if he’s still in
business K+K International has a broad range of gem stones from
quartz to 1st water, Sapphires and Rubies. Never been on ETSY, but
in the old days like 20 yrs ago EBAY was a decent source. not sure
about now. Caveat Emptor !

Hi Emma,

I recommend Julia Aufenast of Joopy Gems

I began buying from her when she had a small shop on Etsy years ago,
and I have several several jeweler friends who also use her and
recommend her highly. Her stones are calibrated and she has a nice



I used several times which i
found on this website.

and i can’t complain, you need to look for what you like and you
have to bid.

but i really enjoyed and i make a good deals


Thanks everyone for the input! Alma, I understand your dilemma about
using epoxy where a “pure” bezel would be your option. I think I was
enticed today by the many images of what look like great stones but
you kind of assume you won’t get those actual stones so there’s no
telling what they will sell you! I think I’ll stay away from Etsy
stone merchants and check out some of the vendors you have all
suggested here. I think the particular vendor on Etsy was ACE Gems

Thanks all!

I have bought stones on Etsy several times. I find that the sellers
ship promptly, and the pictures are accurate. I have not bought high
end stones, but jaspers, agates, etc. There are some very talented
cutters on Etsy.

Happy shopping,
Vicki K

It seems like a lot of vendors who have there own sites also sell on

I have really enjoyed buying from joopy gems who has both an etsy
page and their own website.

Also love Joseph Stratura.

To anchor the tongues in bezels-- epoxy is probably your best bet.
To be really sure, drill the stones from the top and use a post as
well; or drill them through, close to the base, cover the hole with
the bezel, and rivet.


I have bought some great gems via Etsy. My very favourite is a lady
who lives in France and runs her business, Oblivion Jewellery with
her husband. She sells the juiciest looking semi precious gemstones,
such as labradorite, moonstone, opal, druzy Quartz and many, many

She is a lovely young lady, whose service is always excellent and
friendly. I’ve been very happy with every purchase.

Helen Hill


I sold a long rutilated quartz tongue on etsy, the base was sloped
but not much. My customer requested I cut a groove around the base of
the stone about 1 mm wide and .5mm deep.

I can only speculate how she utilized that groove. I’m thinking she
may have started with a thick fully annealed bezel and punched it
inward over the groove, then filed it smooth.

Here’s a link, if allowed, to her finished piece.

Hope this helps.
Stone Temple Lapidary

Alma. I added lapidary to my tool chest years ago and now am able to
let the stone drive the metal or the other way around. I also
inherited about 2,000 lbs. of rough from my father. I am now not
limited to calibrated sizes and make whatever makes sense to the
customer, me or the material.

It’s lots of fun. I suggest that you struggle for a while with
silicon carbide to learn the process, but then go to diamond grinding
and resin wheels or pads. You will be surprised how easily the
diamond resin polishes. You can avoid buying a big saw if you buy
slabs or get two saws, one to slab, the other to trim. I suggest that
you look at Kingsley North as they have a comprehensive catalog, good
prices and are great to work with. Good luck. Rob

One of my favorite cutters, who I used to see at shows, now sells on
Easy. They’re not doing custom cabs right now, but I’m always happy
with the stones I buy from him.

Janet Kofoed

Thank you all for your wonderful suggestions on how to deal with my
stones. The various suggestions were all excellent and much
appreciated. I have decided to try Noel’s suggestion about drilling
a hole in the stones, setting them in a bezel covering the hole, and
then making a rivet. Thanks again to all of you. Alma

Hello Emma Tallack and all. I’m an gemstone cutter, I am in Brazil,
I seek new clients. My working motto is honesty always, have good
price and stock for immediate delivery of varieties of Mainly
Brazilian semi precious gems. I accept orders for specific projects.
My work procedure for new customers is to send first the stone and
only after the customer has the stonesin hands, makes the payment.
If he does not like I accept return ofthe product at the cost to the
free customer. I work well because my products are of quality and
good price and I never had any return. I already hadsome cases where
the client received the stone and not paid and Also did not send me
back, but They are few because the vast majority are trustworthy. If
you accept just write to me and I’ll send you joy in the gems and
wait for Them to come to you and only then if you like them send
payment. RegardsCarlos.


Whatever epoxy you decide on, make sure you have roughed up the
surface of the stone that is going to come in contact with the metal
to aid in better adhesion.


As opposed to those with positive experiences, I will never buy
anything on ETSY as the administration has no ethics and reversed
their position about handmade artists after promising no commercial
vendors. However, Stachura and Optima have great stones, and both
vendors have shown me positive customer service, and do not deceive
vendors or customers.


Hi Vicki-

It would be nice to have metalsmiths use my carved flat backed
stones. It has been a very slow trickle. So I started making pendant
necklaces. Which have sold better.

I refuse to believe there is no market.

Happy to make unusual stones for jewelers. Collaborations accepted.

Most of the material I carve- also find myself,