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Gemstone setting patterns change!

Hi everyone

In the months of January & February/2017, this setter will be
touring North-West of USA. In my 4-5 week long road-trip I will then
have at least well over 100 pieces to show students what Diamond
Setting is about. I’m now in the process of creating a demo-line to
show students how to set 3-cornered stones. Not only Full-Bezel,
Triangular settings, but as well the “VEE” shaped claws/prongs over
those very sharp corners…without breakage! Another design is to
set Princess-Cut stones into a Channel-Set wedding band. Still have a
few more designs still running around my setters mind…:>) If you
would like me to visit you on a “one-on-one program” or at your
store/studio. kindly email me offline. I always say *“If the
finished setting isn’t 100%, then it wasn’t done right!!!”…

Gerry Lewy