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Gemstone cad files

I am working on a school project in my Rhino class building models
of jewelry, specifically rings. I would like to include some stones
in the rings, but I don’t know where I could get any CAD files of
I would like to use marquise and round brilliant, and
possibly some trillions. I know that programs such as gemcad can
make these, but I can’t afford to spend that much money for just a
small project that I only need a few stones for. If there is
nowhere to get these files from, where would I be able to find
faceting info so that I can make them myself in Rhino. Thanks for
any help. -steve



Demand Designs
Analog/Digital Modeling & Goldsmithing

    but I don't know where I could get any CAD files of ���
gemstones.� I would like to use marquise and round brilliant, and
possibly some trillions. 

Steve, ���

There is a website:� where
you can download stone models that work ok in Rhino models…I am
currenlty working on a library of stones “faceted” in Rhino with
photographic decals to simulate the reflection patterns normally seen
in a given stone shape. I have body color and RI parameters developed
for diamond, ruby, sapphire, tanzanite, green and blue-green
tourmaline, emerald, and amethyst and have an ideal cut round
brilliant, oval, step cut square, and princess cut currently finished
and have a trilliant, pear, marquise in progerss. (Stopped
temporarily to catch up on real bench work and CAD projects because
of an overload of jobs). ���

Contact me offline if you’d like files of what I have finished, and
let me know if you’d like me to complete the trilliant (and how soon;
the Christmas rush has already begun for me so my time is limited).

I could also give you pointers (and Faceting book names and authors
to check out for faceting formulae).

Paul D. Reilly
The Paul Reilly Company
4308 Driftwood Drive
Colorado Springs, Colorado� 80918
Phone: 719-598-9307
Email: @Paul_D_Reilly1

Steve, For some meshes of cut stones, try

Bruce D. Holmgrain
JA Certified Master Bench Jeweler

Here’s a site that might help:
They not only have the faceting info, but are 3d-savvy as well.

Andrew Werby

A month or so ago, I mentioned I made a ring in Rhino, emulating the
look of reticulated metal. Someone requested to see it, but at the
time I couldn’t find the model in this labyrinth of a file system :slight_smile:
(it might be on a CD of CAD files from an old computer).

I just stumbled across an image of the piece as I was browsing
another jewelers site. It seems I had posted it last year. I’ve
given it to my web designer to add to my online portfolio, so it will
be viewable soon.

By the way, if anyone is considering building a web site, please
consider Jason Li. He’s the most talented, professional 17 year old,
I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with! And his rates are
scandalously under-priced because feels he is being paid to learn.
(There’s a link to his site on my home page)

Regarding gemstone CAD files, I’ve collected some great gem
materials that have been shared on the Flamingo newsgroup. I’ve
developed my own metal textures, reflection maps and ground plane
textures as well.

I’ve got everything but the kitchen sink in my Flamingo library, but
you’re welcome to sort it out and use what you can. Send me an email,
let’s share and trade .mlib files!

Jesse Kaufman
CAD/CAM Technology
Handcrafted Originality