Gemstone buyers guides for newbied

Hi Rebecca,

I believe it takes years of experience personally viewing gems and
their prices on a regular basis to really understand the business.
I would suggest you begin with a single variety and slowly learn the
others. We specialize in Kashmir sapphire and I find most jewelers
rely on my opinion, as a dealer, to price this material. On the
other hand, commercial quality stones can be nailed down with a
little practice.

I would stay clear of most foreign businesses, especially Thaigem,
because our US rules & regulation have little authority outside of
American soil. One of my favorite books dealing with ruby &
sapphire can be found at The author Richard
Hughes includes a suggested price list. We have a lot of
about sapphire on our website to
include pictures and prices of other colored

If you’re interested in the business, you must get a license and
begin with the trade shows. Attend Tucson’s gem show in February
and you’ll really walk away confused about prices although you may
see the best quality in the world.

Wishing you all the best,

Ed Cleveland
Ph: 720-318-4325
Denver, CO