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Gemstone Artistry of Bernd Munsteiner

To the gemstone aficionados among the Orchid subscribers: As was
made mention recently, Mr. Bernd Munsteiner, the acclaimed and
internationally recognized, award winning gemstone artist from
Germany, was in Arizona this past week. He attended an exhibition
featuring his work, and that of his son Tom, and Daughter in law
Jutta, at French Designer Jeweler Gallery, in Scottsdale. Bernd
Munsteiner is recognized as the pioneer of what have since become
known as fantasy cut his innovation and creativity are
responsible for opening a completely new genre of the faceting and
carving of precious gem materials. He began winning awards for his
artistry in 1968, Known as the ‘master gem carver of our time’, he
was among those teaching during the Masters Symposium 2000 at the
Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts last year.

Mr. Munsteiner is a fifth generation lapidary artist, and his son is
the sixth generation to work in this discipline. Their work is
displayed in two of the jewelry art galleries which also represent
my crochet jewelry, and it makes me feel privileged indeed to be
exhibited in such esteemed company. I have been fortunate to set a
few of Bernd’s carved and faceted gemstones in past years, and have
often seen his work in publications.

To see this recent exhibition of the Munsteiners’ artistry was
overwhelming. Meeting the artist was a thrill, he is a charmingly
soft spoken and gentle man. My words are inadequate to describe the
size and scale of the pieces, the imagination and design of the
stones and settings, and the exquisite quality of the materials and
the workmanship employed. Anyone who has a chance to see the work
of these artists, and touch and feel and appreciate the mastery of
the actual pieces should not pass up the opportunity. It is truly

Michael David Sturlin, jewelry artist @Michael_David_Sturli Michael Sturlin Studio,
Scottsdale Arizona USA