GemShow News - USA

All, I just completed three shows in four weeks. At these shows we
were first time vendors. Our total money for the shows was three
times our expenses which for us makes the venture worthwhile. We make
all our own product which means our monetary outlay for stock is
quite low, but our labor is high. I figure that when I sell objects
I make myself my labor per hour works out to $50 USD. When I sell my
labor wholesale I work for $15 USD. That is why I am now marketing
to retail customers.

What sells? Good quality workmanship is what sells. We sold about
an even amount of loose facetted stones, loose cabochons, and
finished jewelry. What is the most evident change in the make up of
gem shows? There are more wholesalers selling directly to the
public. At the last Intergem Show there where two colored stone
dealers, several bead dealers, one diamond dealer, and numerous
finished and semi mount manufacturers selling directly to the public
at the same prices they would sell to a dealer.

We still were successful selling better workmanship, unique designs,
and quality material. Granted our dollar volume was not near what
the other wholesale dealers made selling direct to the consumers and
I lost a lot of sales because of them. It was disgusting to me to
see what I observed five years ago, wholesalers selling directly to
the public mostly behind closed doors, being flaunted boldly to
everyone. Most of these dealers are first generation citizens of the
USA directly marketing Asian and Middle Eastern family owned factory
products in the USA. This change has altered and maybe destroyed the
small business chain of manufacturers selling to suppliers who sell
to retailers who sell to retail customers. It is now manufacturers
selling directly to retail customers at the same prices they sell to
retail store owners or sometimes for less.

To be successful we have made many changes in our products and the
way we do business. Without changing we would now be out of

Gerry Galarneau Where it is now cold in Phoenix
Arizona, but we are busily cutting for the February shows, Amethyst, jaspers,
agates, beryls…