Hi orchidians,

I am doing some research on Searching we all have times
when a customer brings in a ring and wants to replace a gem, and we
all know how difficult it is to search… there are thousands of
dealers and thousands of web sites… and nobody stocks the size I

Well its this problem that gave birth to a site called, where thousands of dealers can list there
stock online and where we the jewelry community has ONE site to

OK now here is my question: Will you as a jeweler use this site to
search for If not why ?


Dear Ahmed,

I doubt that I would pursue your concept of a coalition of gem
dealers inasmuch as there is no real standardization in the stone
industry. Major dealers have come a long way in this regard, but
even they seldom agree with one another. Realistically, almost every
dealer abides by his own criteria and, since not all dealers have
their stones processed by tightly controlled suppliers or cutters,
those criteria are seldom constant. Then you have the problem of
dealers emanating from foreign venues where, in the event of
perceived non performance, there would be no effective legal

On the other hand, I might resort to surfing through a bunch of
dealers if I were to need something odd and not generally available.
But, even then, I would be tempted to find a local cutter and have
he or she cut something from the rough or re-cut something from a cut

Overall, I am extremely reluctant to buy any stone sight unseen. When
you deal with a known and respected dealer you have the proven option
of being able to return the stone. I have a substantial inventory of
stones, but no small operation can justify stocking all of his
needs…it just isn’t economic. Therefore, when I need something
that I don’t already have in stock I go to my trusted large dealer
who WILL have it in stock and who will deliver it overnight on open
account with return privileges. I sympathize with the small stone
dealers ( been there, done that !) On the other hand, if you carve
out a niche and can effectively operate at important shows, there is
no reason that you couldn’t earn a position in the industry. I think
the key word here is “niche” I think if you were to become, for
example, the most diversified dealer in just Sri Lankan sapphires, or
nothing but marquises cuts or custom cuts only, you would carve a
position in the industry that would be hard to excel.

I firmly believe that there are just as many opportunities for small
dealers today as there ever have been, but, as with any other
business, you have to have a concept, stick to it, and be prepared
to go a bit hungry for a few years. I’ve got plenty of bumps on my
head !

Ron Mills, Mills Gem Co. Los Osos, Ca

Dear Ron mills,

Thank you for your insightful email.

I agree with you. there are no standardization in the gem industry,
that’s why I have made the clarity grading and color options as
flexible as possible to fit each company. We are a long way off from
the ideal but we do have to start some where.

What I see in GemsDB is closed group of gem dealers and jewelers, I
want this site to grow with time, where buyer rate suppliers ( like
eBay ) and if there are unscrupulous traders they will be thrown
out. maybe if we can have the JBT grading on our system we may have a
world wide gem trade on memo.

And No, I don’t want to undercut the Wholesalers as well, a US
jeweler will always like to buy from a US Dealer/wholesaler I am
trying to have a well balanced trading platform. that’s why I have no
prices on the database. I am always open for ideas.

Also this site is my hobby, my bread and butter is from selling
this is my 8th year selling stones online and thank god I
am well established, this is payback time I am willing to spend 5
year to see results… to help people source

Ahmed Shareek

I have bought from Ahmed and I have found him to be honest, straight
forward and willing to go above and beyond to satisfy me, a rather
picky, customer. He was able to be all these things because he is
experienced and professional.

I liked the database but didn’t know how to actually get in it to



Go for it! Who knows just where it will lead? Nothing ventured,
nothing gained.

Of course there will be resistance, there always is when a new
concept is offered, “we have never done it this way.”

I know you have enough integrity with members of this list, to begin
such a venture and legitimize it. Many of us have met you in Tucson,
either at your booth or at the Orchid Dinners you have attended.

I look forward to seeing you in Tucson again this year.



I have a small workshop and an irregular need for odd stones, if
this database gave me a way of sourcing these stones reliably I would
use it in a flash. I can’t visit wholesalers and don’t like ebay etc.

Andy Parker, Agate House Lapidary
Ulverston, Cumbria, England

Tel: 01229 584023

This database could be a good start. Something is needed for color.

A similar network is Polygon and it is essentially all diamonds. The
sale items, discussions, and requested items show a 30:1 ration /
diamonds : color.

Yes, a method of legal recourse would be nice, however, I would
expect buyers will only to purchase within their own country.
Secondly, very few (maybe 10%) of this business actually purchases.
In my opinion, this business is greater than 85% memo/consignment. A
picture tells 1000 words and is a great method of narrowing the
search and eliminating excessive shipping costs. Lastly, new
relationships are rarely begun with large purchases and I’ve found
90% of new accounts request the obscure after they’ve called all
common vendors.

The greatest issue may be whether or not it worth our time as stone
dealers to photograph / input / maintain this Polygon
has a colored stone database as well as a dozen different channels
to surf. Although, I estimate 90% of the networks traffic is split
between the’bargain channel’ and’diamond channel’ Many colored stone
dealers are frustrated especially with the network costing

Ed Cleveland