Gems buying in Buenos Aires

Hello! I live in Brasil and I’m new here. I love those because I have
learn to much with all of you. I’m going to Buenos Aires - Argentina
next week. Does any one know where can I buy gems there. A good,
trustfull and cheap place? Thank you in advance. Beth Neves.

Dear Beth,

To the best of my knowledge, Argentina has no producing gem mines of
any consequence other than the usual rhodochrosite and various
agates. There are some lithium pegmatites, but I don’t think they
have been active in recent times.

Considering the sorry state of the Argentinian economy, it is
conceivable that one could score a good deal with a local dealer who
is a purveyor of stones from international sources. In all
probability though, I would imagine that Argentinian dealers would
be carrying a stock that is predominantly Brazilian. Why, then,
would a Brasileira go to a foreign country for gems that are
Brazilian in origin ?

Have you looked into the customs regulations about importing gems
into Brazil ? The Brazilian government has always had a very wary
eye out for those who would bring stones in from outside the
country. If this is still the case it is conceivable that one could
wind up being in big trouble coming back into the country. If you
don’t declare your purchases coming back in you might be in danger
of being declared a smuggler and if you do declare you may have to
pay a large import duty…indeed, if the regulations are very
repressive, you may have your purchases confiscated… You might
check with a despachante, if you know one.

Ron at Mills Gem, Los Osos,CA