GemOro ultrasonic repair?

Hi all, My beloved GemOro ultrasonic appears to have given up the
ghost. I purchased this item used, about a year ago, and have no idea
as to its age or whether or not it is still under warranty (or if
said warranty would even be extended me, as I was not the original
purchaser). Does anyone have a resource for an outfit who is in the
business of repairing such things? I saw in the archives an outfit
called mgp repairs, or similar, but their web site appears to be
defunct, and “googling” it garnered no hits. Many thanks, Holly B.

Your first port of call should be your local TV repair shop. If it
is the electronice other then the “flip-flop” transducer they will be
able to fix it. If it is the transducers, they are generally
permanently fixed to the tank and nigh on impossible to replace in a
cost effective manner.

Best of luck,
Nick Royall

Morning, I would suggest
The Jewelry Equipment Doctor
John / Linda