Gemology classes

Hello all,

Does anyone know of gemology classes in the Boston area? A friends
father is interested, and I don’t know whether he means to do this
professionally or as a hobby so any suggestions would be appreciated.

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The GIA’s doorstep program is offering it’s courses in Hyannis, MA
sometime this year (late spring/early summer?). He should contact
them. He can take one week courses on either diamonds or colored

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The cheapest way to do this would be to take a weeks vacation trip
and attend a class at either Wild Acres or Wm. Holland School in NC
or Georgia. The classes are very reasonable and the setting is
beautiful. Your local gem and mineral club should have details.
Correspondence classes are available through the GIA and on line
through the IGS. The GIA will have some weeklong workshops in major
cities, but they are not cheap, maybe $500 or more. These are very
well done.