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Gemologist classes and buy used test instruments equipment


Question out there for who might have a answer. GIA course vs GIA Diamond and Grading is A few bucks more than DCA’s for $ 125 or $175 for 22 LESSONS, online print version vs GIA $1,670 on-line for 20 lessons .

Finished the Prerequisite and Currently taking the GIA Diamonds and Grading class (online). And I just came crosses this post and surprised about what i read on:
Looking at taking the Colored gems and color gems grading. Wonder what other people/students hindsight is?

Thank you, Joe


Hi Joe

I think it would depend on why you are taking the classes. I am a GIA graduate gemologist, now working as an appraiser and in sales, as well as making my own jewelry. I loved the course (I did distance learning) and have found it extremely useful in my new career. As an appraiser, I have found it is an invaluable credential, as it is required at times in certain circumstances.

The link to the yourgemologist post wasn’t working, so I can’t comment on that.

Hope this was helpful



Try this link


Have you taken a look at :slight_smile: ?