Gem stone tutor

After a 10 months sabbatical from teaching because of a severe spinal
operation, I’m back to teaching again. This is basically for Western,
NY State and Ontario, Canada. Already I’m booked up till end of
March. There is a great need to explain to the up and coming
jewellers how to properly set gemstones…Many of my peers up here
in Toronto can set stones, but to communicate all of those nuances of
precision stone setting, that is one thing they unfortunately lack.

Case in point, I just this afternoon had my community college
students finish their first “bench-test” on round-cut 6mm cz in an
engagement ring. To my not-so surprise, all 5 students gave me great
confidence in proceeding further in our 7 week-end class. None of
them have had any opportunity in setting till they joined our class.
I am to demo and have them do “bench time” with Bezels, Channel,
Gypsy/Flush in weeks to follow, and I know they will excell nicely.
This class is 42+hour session, spread over 7days…6 hours in each
training day.

Three things are needed, the will to learn, hand/eye control in using
new tools, and confidence in to learning more. I am a mentor to them
and the 11 years of teaching, speak for themselves…Gerry!

One of my students said to me she is scarred of doing a setting
project. I replied, “do me a favour leave your 'being scarred’
outside our classroom door”. “When you enter this class, think
positive that Gerry will help you. When you are in a quandary, let me
know and don’t forge ahead without any guidance”.

She smiled and rest assured she will do just fine by the end of the
7-day classroom session. This is my equation on helping students
while being a mentor, and training instructor.

Gerry !