Gem sources in Sri Lanka

Hello all, I might be changing my holiday direction and head out to
Sri Lanka for two weeks the last half of Feb. If so can any one tell
me where is the best places to go for gems and stone sight seeing?? I
have been to Sri Lanka once before but quite a few years ago and
need up to date info, also any art places to especially see??

All advice much appreciated!

Thank you for all your wonderful info. on all things,


Hi Sharon,

I am the Un-official tour guide for Ochidians who come to Sri Lanka,
( unless of course My friend hanuman make me official - smile )
Please contact me via E-mail - It would be my
pleasure to show you around.

Ahmed shareek

Hi Sharon, Check with Ahmed Shareek in Sri Lanka. He is on Orchid ,
and visited me last year about this time on his trip to Tucson. Not
only is he a gentleman and pleasant to be with, he is very well
versed in Gems and Stones, and he and his employees do excellent
faceting. Let me repeat, Excellent.

I had about 2 kilos of different kinds of rough ranging from
Tourmaline, garnet, topaz, amethyst, …too numerous to list, and he
offered to take it back to Sri Lanka and cut it for me. All at less
than a dollar per carat. We both agreed that some of the present
cutting leaves a lot to be desired, cutting for size rather than
brightness . We call a stone like that having a “Window”, put it on
top of a newspaper and you can read through it.

When I got my stones back I was more than happy, I was extremely
pleased with all the cutting. Not a window in the bunch.

In fact I’m putting together a package to send to him as we speak.

Ahmed can be reached at :

Ahmed shareek []

Crescent Gems []

Love and God Bless
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