Gem Setting Courses in U.K?

hi friends

happy new year

i’m searching for professional gem setting courses of around 3-4
months in uk, help me find few. i’ve tried google search couldnt find
intensive traing programmes, still an ametur bench jewler learning on
trial and error basis, due to lack of professional training
oppurtunity in india about gold smithing and jewelry making. new to
the forum so hope to make some good friends.

thanking you all
vikram virmani

Greetings Vikram,

The California Institute of Jewelry Training, has a very intense
stone setting course, it is in conjunction with our Jewelry Arts
program. I will include our website and we do offer M-1 visas to
qualifying students. I will also include the website of our sister
institute in Mumbai. Good luck on your search in the UK and many
blessings to you.

Gabriel Manzo

Hi Vikram,

Not sure if this is what you are looking for, but would suggest you
try the following (all based in Lodon) Holts Jewellery School
GIA London

Also try London Metrolpolitan University, (formerly Sir John Cass),
they run several jewellery courses for professionals, so might be
able to help. If you don’t have any luck with their website (might
be an idea to send an email to them), get back to me and I’ll send
you the name of a contact there.

Good luck with your studies