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Gem Setting course


Dear all.

Just want to say many thanks to those who visited me at the J/A show
this week. Nice to put a face to a name. I had the indeed pleasure in
meeting more people who wish to make use of my teaching abilities at
their own store. It is rewarding to use these shows in this fashionto
be seen and to be known. At one point I had 9, G.I.A. women students
watch me how I did some setting. They never saw any bench worker up
close, till then. The most mundane question to me was interesting for
them to learn.

Am now starting another course up here in Toronto to teach Gem
Setting, this class is on Sundays for 42 hours, or 7 days. Another
friend of mine wants to open up a “mini, training clinic” in the
basement of his jewellery store and have me teach also. Am now
spending more time teaching than actual trade work setting. This is
the way it should be, those of us who have spent many years working
should get out and train others to take up the ranksagain, thanks

Gerry Lewy!