Gem Seminar needs horror stories

Hi all,

Following on from a post here a month or two back, Gem-A (the
world’s longest established gem educator) has now scheduled a day
seminar entitled ‘Gem Empathy’ which will cover the wonderful world
of gems available for jewellery designers with a special focus on
aspects of gemstone suitability, durability, susceptibility and so on
from the point of view of jewellery designers, makers and repairers.

What I need are some more horror stories (or amusing ones or both!)
to use as case studies. You know the sort of thing - peridots that
have been in the pickle, laser torch catching the edge of a diamond,
even glass filled rubies which have been stripped naked by
cleaning… Ideally with photos. Probably best to email direct to me
(with details) but that’s up to you (and Ganoksin). If they are used,
you will of course be mentioned (or if they are embarrassing,
anonymity can be guaranteed!)

The first Gem Empathy seminar will be held in London (20th October),
but we hope to present it in other places in due course, and maybe
produce a version specifically for jewellery/design schools to use.

Thanks for any help, and thanks to Ganoksin for this amazing and
constantly useful resource.

Dr Jack Ogden FSA FGA
Chief Executive
The Gemmological Association of Great Britain

Hello Jack,

Although I have no good horror stories of my own, listening to them
is what I do for a living. As a trade cutter I am faced with a
variety of ‘woops’ situations on a daily basis and I’m expected to
save ‘butt’.

Although ignorance and stupidity are definitely responsible for some
of my jobs a surprising number are caused by impatience and often by
jewellers that should know better. The number of times I’ve heard “I
was tired, but I had to get it finished”. Shortcuts very seldom are.

I have pictures of damaged and repaired stones on my website as well
as a couple of YouTube videos that might be of interest.

Anthony Lloyd-Rees.