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Gem Identification Instruments


Try Kassoy or Rubin & Sons - both listed on the Internet.

Brian P. Marshall - Instructor
Stockton Jewelry Arts School
704 W. Swain Rd.
Stockton, CA USA 95207

Hello Brian and Lalit,

…forget about Rubin & Son,they are to expensive for what you
get !!!They are somewhat the most expensive company that I’ve seen. I
agree for 100% with John Burgess estatement about following a course
first and then start the hunt for tools and instruments.In this case
you will have more knowledge on what you are looking for and you will
be able to choose amongst a broad number of suppliers and all the
options of the instruments and tools.

According to my humble opinion … “KNOWLEDGE” is the most
best tool,instrument and guide in the gemstone trade.Man good have
the best instruments of the world, but what would he do without the
knowledge on how to use them and how to understand the results?

Regards Pedro