Gem & Flush Setting Manual

My dearest friends on Orchid everywhere!

This might not be the correct place to advertise my “Manual of
Diamond Setting”. I am now getting many requests and with this in
mind an “open letter” will help you all. But my first draft of my
Manual is due out this week coming. I have to make darn sure that it
meets my strict demands in colour and text printing It has TWO,
CD-ROM’s enclosed.

THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU ALL, on ORCHID. With many pictures on every

Anyone who wishes a printing may contact me directly @Gerald
and I will reply to you personally with a cost. It has well over 613
pictures and 50 articles or essays on almost every aspect of setting.
It is geared to the Novice, Student, Intermediate and Advanced levels
of the wonderful trade of ours. Four years of writing and 5 months of
arranging my articles of setting hints and tips with notes. Am now
also starting on book #2…gerry!