Gem Dilemma

Years ago I helped a man with his business, for free, and when he left town, he left a bag of gemstones on my doorstep. In the bag was a little box with a piece of paper in it saying 53 kt emeralds. Then there were 2 other containers which weigh about 63 grams of blue/green sapphires. I have absolutely no use for these and do not want to piecemeal them out selling them individually on ebay or elsewhere. I had a gemologist and a goldsmith look at them and was told they are real, and quality varies. Some very good, others w/ inclusions. Anybody got ideas for me? I have had these for many years and they have become an emotional burden as they are nothing I would use…

I would take a few photos; name your price and offer them here. I would be interested.

Please contact me at Would be interested in purchase . We are buyers, cutters , appraisers and miners of rough and cut sones in Peru and in Kenya-east africa. Formerly cut and heat treated sapphires and zircons in Cambodia . Thank you.
Lee Horowitz, M.Ed. CAGS , Gemologist

Hi Lee
How did did you hear about me?

Gerry! from my mobile-phone!

Please post contact for more detailed information about the stones (photos, descriptions/sizes, prices). I know there will be interest from Orchidians and I am interested also.

Please email me at for more info. I took a few photos but can’t figure out how to upload here. Sapphires are a variety of sizes w/ average being 4 x 6mm. Emeralds are mostly square in shape, 2mm x 2mm but larger also. Thanks for your interest…