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"Gem Deception Buster" - Potential Profession

Greetings All,

For years I have contemplated supplementing my income by suing
unscrupulous folks who blatantly misrepresent and support the
misrepresentation of gemstones and related items. This includes,
DEALERS, SHOW PROMOTERS, big and little websites, catalogues, high
end department stores, jewelry stores, etc, etc.

All that is necessary is a little knowledge, the purchase of a
misrepresented item (the more expensive the better), an approved
evaluation/ID/certification to prove that it was not what it was
represented to be, and a lawyer. Cases could be settled for a few
grand up each. I think you could actually make a living doing this.
Misrepresented items have nearly become the norm in the gem business
lately, so the pool of mis-representors (liars, cheats & thieves) is

Of course it would be an argumentative existence and bad for one’s
tranquility and peace of mind. It would be good for the gem trade,
the public, and the jewelry trade though.

Thus far I have preferred cutting briolettes and other healthier

Steve Green - Rough and Ready Gems
Briolettes and Ultrasonic Drilling

I think it would be great if someone would do that. But first, that
person had better check with a lawyer or two to see what THEIR risk
would be. I can forsee counter-suits galore.

I, for one, am VERY careful what I say about other jewelers. This
past weekend, a long time customer called me from her cell phone,
asking about an item of jewelry which she had been looking at in a
retail store. Did it sound like a bargain?

My answer was that I had to actually SEE the item. “She couldn’t see
anything with a loupe,” she said. “But you’re not an expert, and I’d
have to see it myself.”

“It is at XYZ jewelers…do you know them?”

(I happen to know these folks quite well. When I was in a mall, they
were neighbors. They sell almost exclusively low-end crap, and it
wouldn’t surprise me to find out that they were horse thieves.)

But, I DID NOT say that. I don’t wish to meet their lawyers. As
tactfully as possible, I ‘suggested’ that it probably wasn’t a
bargain. This is known as C.Y.A. (cover your rear end.)

David Barzilay
Lord of the Rings
607 S Hill St Ste 850
Los Angeles, CA 90014-1718

Steve, that’s a good idea. But first, why don’t we come up with a
form letter, and everyone who spots such deception in catalog or
store, send them a copy of it. Then we need only check and see how
many change their ways or respond in some fashion. Between this
group’s members, that’s a lot of clout, a lot of mail, and you could
save your Big Gun Savage Lawyer fees for those who ignore us. Fair?
I think so. The buyers for those outfits are the ones who need
educating. Pressure from the top could get it done. And, seems to me
there is also another way to make $$ for those who would volunteer,
as experts, to vet the merchandise that might be suspect and avoid
it’s being advertised, sold, etc. in the first place, mistakenly.
There are enough of us in assorted cities and states to offer that
service, on retainer fee. That’s not a living, but would sure help
us all in this effort and educate a lot of people in the process.
All this came to my mind yesterday, when a catalog I admire from a
Utah company that also is growing its storefronts, shows that
amazeing Cherry Quartz! So, let’s get going with a proper, clear,
legally sound letter. Anybody offer to do that ???


I’ve contemplated doing the same thing. Not for the money thing,
but it seems like every Christmas there are commercials showing
wonderfull jewelery at extremely low price-points. When you see it
in real life though, the stones aren’t even white. How is it then,
that the folks at FTC never watch TV? I remember a few years ago,
this same outfit got in trouble for misrepresenting "cultured pearl"
jewelery. It was the glued together stuff from sea shells and what
not. They had to keep a disclosure on their pearl counter for a few
years. Seems to me, that the diamond business is worth a lot more
money to consumers than the fake pearl end of their business. I just
get tired of singing the same song to my customers about why I don’t
sell 3ct TW s link bracelets for $299?!?!

my $0.02

Truth is professional courtesy is a much a shelter for those
questionable charters! The same goes for doctors, lawyers, ect. If
more people told the truth about what they see and what others have
done, it would make this world a safer place. As I see it dam the
torpedoes! Call a spade a spade and stop trying to not be
responsible by apathy!

Ringman John