Gem Dealer's Secrets - Handbook for the Gem Buyer


I am pleased to announce that Ganoksin has made available for a
online reading the full version of Sondra Francis’ book:

“Gem Dealers’ Secrets - Handbook for the Gem Buyer”

Sondra Francis has scoured every major colored gemstone market in
the world since 1978. She was a charter member of the American
Gemstone Association and served as a board member. She was a
founding member of the International Colored Gemstone Association. A
true gem lover, Sondra has marketed her treasures on the wholesale
and retail markets.

This book was written as a guideline for the potential buyer of
gemstones that are mined from the earth or formed by some natural
organic process. As a knowledgeable buyer you will be a confident
one. Natural gemstones offer the consumer many choices in all price
ranges. This book is not intended as a reference work for gemologist,
but as a practical guide for the informed amateur/professional.

Many varieties of stones are described in this book; some of
them are quite common; some very rare. A few are mentioned that you
would have difficulty in finding. Extremely rare colors or gemstone
varieties which are primarily of interest to collectors and museums
have been omitted from this text since these are not available to
most consumers. Today more gemstone varieties are available to
choose from than any prior time in history.

Technical on gemstones is included to help you
understand each variety’s unique properties. Gemology has become a
professional and highly specialized field; a competent seller can be
of great help in helping you make a wise and satisfying purchase.

Table of content - 27 Chapters:

Selected Excerpts from: Handbook for the Gem Buyer