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Gem dealers in Vancouver BC

Hi to all

I was wondering if anyone out there can recommend some gem dealers in
Vancouver BC. I have been searching the web and had no luck that
way. Any recommendations would be appreciated and what type of stones
they sell (faceted, cabs, precious, semi precious)( I have never liked
that word semi - precious - is silver a semi precious metal because
its not as expensive as gold? if you’re ticked at your loved ones are
they only semi precious to you?) Just a bit of a ramble. But
seriously folks any info or names would be greatly appreciated.

Brigid Ryder

Hi, Brigid Ryder:

there is a wonderful source for finding most anything to do with
jewelry. Try using the “Lapidary Journal” . It’s usually available
in good or better book stores. If they don’t stock it you might try
asking the manager to bring it in for you. My wife and I have
subscribed to it for about nine years now and wouldn’t be without it!
If you want a subscription card, I’d be more than happy to send you
one. Just contact me directly.

Richard Blahnk

Try Mountain Gems, in Burnaby. They have the widest selection of cut
stones in Vancouver, at reasonable prices. They sell cabs in all
shapes including bullets, tongues, squares, etc., faceted in all
shapes, including some very nice fancy shapes (the owner is a stone
cutter). They even have drusy. They have most materials from rose
quartz to malachite, to amethyst, to sapphire etc. They don’t have
alot of rubies or emeralds, and I think they might have one diamond,
but as far as anything else goes, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Check them out :
Mountain Gems
4611 Hastings St.
Burnaby, BC
(1 1/2 blks East of Willingdon)

Oh yea, they’;re not open on Mondays, but there open every other day
of the week.

Hope this helps,