Gem dealer in Sri Lanka

My husband, and possibly I as well, will travel to Sri Lanka in
April. I was hoping to find a gem dealer who is either a member of
Orchid or recommended by members of Orchid. The trip is to the
capitol Colombo. If you can help you can e-mail me off list at
@Sheridan_Reed1. I apologize for not remembering but I thought I
had read posts from at least one member in Sri Lanka. Thank you
Sheridan Reed

Hi Sheridan, Our Orchid Guy in Sri Lanka is Ahmed Shareek. I met him
when he traveled to Tucson last year, he stayed at my house and I
gave him a tour of Dallas. He is an tremendous gentleman as well as
quite the expert in gems.

He also has a cutting operation to cut rough, and I gave him about 2
kilos of rough to take back with him. When I got the cut stones
back, I was very impressed with the quality of the cut and the
cost, especially the cost.

Most cutters cut for size instead of brilliance and leave windows in
the stones. His stones were beautifully cut for brilliance. As a
matter of fact, I’m gathering a package of rough to send to him some
time this month. Give him a hollar , I’m sure you won’t be
disappointed. His email address is

Love and God Bless
Home 214-321-6253
Cell 214-280-7775
Work 469-775-6650