Gem cutter wanted


I have a couple of design ideas where I would need some gems cut to
specification. Thinks like rails, sizes and such. For input, I could
either deliver the technical drawing of the design, or I could buy
GemCad to enable the technical dialog. For the latter, I would still
need to leave the “beauty-creation”, the faceting part of the gem
design, to the cutter.

Where could I find such people? Thanks for all and any tip.


I know one stone cutter in the USA who can greatly assist you. His
name is Wayne Emery.

Gerry !

You can contact Chris Wolfsberg, he is a 2 or 3 time AGTA cutting
edge award winner and does cutting work for others. (Not super common
among good cutters as many including myself avoid service work.)

His tel # is 910-200-7383

He is located in MA.

Good luck with your project!
John Dyer