Geller book on a tablet

Here’s my plans for developing the Geller Book for a tablet and
computer. You would access the book on any device by going to an
internet site. Which means you have to have internet access which
everyone has in a store. This way its browser based and any device
can access it, computers, tablets and smart phones although I can
tell you it’ll be too small for a phone. Its meant for a tablet for

It would be built in stages, the availability of the price book
itself for pricing would be first. Then ability to print a copy of
the prices to put into an envelope.

Then ability to keep track of customer info and what the customer
left with us, along with taking photos.

Then ability to import totals into your point of sale program to get
rid of duplicate entries. We are not going to make a point of sale
program that competes with anyone. This is mainly for pricing
repairs and custom work.

Then ability to track location of a job and look back at history for
that customer.

Then (much later) have ability for your customer to go to the
website and check on their own if their job is ready or its

So first things first.

Stuller has agreed to furnish to me prices for everything I list in
the book in $100 cost increments (1200 gold; $1300 gold; $1500 gold,
etc.) It would not update daily, no reason to update a $100 increase
in a lobster claw or earring post is minuscule.

Its being built with three prices, same as before:

3 time markup on findings and metals My own labor pricing with a
jeweler being paid $40,000 to $55,000 a year. 4 time markup which
means after adding in matching taxes you’ll get a 3 time markup on
the jewelers labor as well.

Lastly I add in some insurance for broken, chipping and lost stones.

Add these together and that’s how I get the prices.

Currently you can use our book in book form or in The Edge there’s
pull down choices which I find a bit laborious. Jewelry Shopkeeper
has my prices in an excel worksheet format, not too friendly either.
So I don’t want to duplicate that. So on the next few pages are the

I’m looking for TWO AREAS of input from you:

After looking over the pages, what do you think and any improvement

In the book now (version 5, release 5.13 ring binder) are there any
prices that were difficult for you to get? Are there some other
breakdowns you’d like without going crazy. As an example setting
small stones starts at 0-15 points. No separation for setting a 5
pointer, etc. I’m not looking for responses from people who "think"
the price is wrong but people who quoted a dozen customers and it
was tough. There’s plenty of you who are to scared to even try but
the majority of jewelers charge out book price and maintain a 90%
closing ratio.

Once its on a website you can access it by computer or tablet and
you’d have the ability later to change the prices but only somewhat.
We charge as example $39 to make a 14kt narrow ring smaller. Spoke
to a guy yesterday who charges $20 and is having a rough time. I
wouldn’t let him get this and lower sizing by 50%! So price changes
might be limited to lowering no more than 25% of our state prices.
Want to raise it to the moon? Happy to accommodate you.

Any way this is how I envision it starting to look. I’m going to
show you a main page, its pretty much the yellow tabs (index) of the
book and we are going to choose a lobster claw. Here we go. The main
page is so skimpy, I just wanted to get something out there to show.

So go to this page on my website to open the PDF file. Its hidden
from everyone else so click this link:

Then look it over and give me your feed back

David Geller