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Geller Blue Book Training Videos are online!

Updated, easier to play Geller Blue Book Training Videos ONLINE!

Many of you may not know that we have extensive video training on our website to train the staff on every chapter/every page of our book.

I training your staff on

Why we charge what we charge
How to sell it to a customer
How to combine multiple charges together (i.e. New Shank + Check & Tighten + Rhodium Plating)
No cost just go to our website link below:

It will require a password. It is


Every chapter is explained in detail, you don’t need the book in front of you, its on the screen.

This is for the version that’s been out for a while, Volume 5.0 Release 6.0. You’ll see it at the bottom of any page

David Geller
Director of Sales Staff Training