Gauge for cuff bracelet - transferring design

I am doing an overlay cuff bracelet in silver which I have never
done before. My question is what is the best or easiest way to
transfer a design from paper to metal for piercing.  Also, if
anyone does this type of jewelry, can you recommend what gauge of
silver I should use for the base & what gauge I should use for the
overlay top. 

Hi, I usually lurk, but here is a problem I can help with. I took a
class last year at Arrowmont from Debra Lynn Gold. She taught us the
best method I know to apply a paper pattern to metal.

There is a 3M brand adhesive–I’ve heard several names and believe
everyone has a different one–that is used for picture frame making.
You can find it at art stores. This stuff is in a roll like tape,
but it is only the adhesive with no cellophane or paper attached.
Like double stick tape without the cellophane in the middle. Use
tracing paper to trace or design the pattern you want. Then tear off
a little of the 3M adhesive and stick it to the back of the tracing
paper design. The tracing paper will stick to the metal then, and
you can saw away through paper and metal till you are finished. This
stuff doesn’t shift or gum up the saw blade. And it comes off pretty
easily. If it’s stubborn, just use some Desolve It. No transferring
of the pattern is necessary.

Denise Denise C. May DCM Designs @Denise_C_May