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Gasket Sealer

It’s not my thread, but when working on cars, I use liquid gasket
from a tube, called RTV or Silicon Gasket Sealer. It is available at
any PEP BOYS or other auto parts store, and is amazing stuff for all
sorts of little repairs. I’ve even used it on my refrigerator. It’s
non-toxic too, I think. :slight_smile: Just squeeze out of the tube, just like
toothpaste, and then set it and let it dry. It’s rubbery and
cushiony, and available in a blue color or clear. Useful and cheap!
The other option, “Sheet gasket” is like a very durable, hard pressed
cardboard that you can cut into shape, also available at the above
stores for when you can’t find the right gasket to fit your engine
block in your antique auto, and have to cut your own.


Just a note Re: the thread on what to put under stones for cushioned
support. Most of the materials mentioned in this thread have
solvents in them. There is a material available now that is
solvent-free (and therefore healthier to use). It is bathroom and
kitchen caulking that is water-soluble; comes in clear and white.
There are various brand names and is sold in hardware stores like
Tru Value and Home Depot, etc.


OK folks: Right down my alley, if ya need to seal something and
don’t have a new head gasket, coat the old one with permatex and
crank her down… Motorcycles got about 10,000 and going strong on a
used head gasket, fiber sheet gasket will not! work for a head
gasket as the combustion will burn it’s way thru it, there is also a
material called copper seal… Ringman

Hi Linda, Yes, water soluble gasket/sealing materials are available.
I would hesitate to use them for most jewelry purposes, unless your
customers are far different from mine. Mine seem to expect jewelry
to be bullet proof, let alone waterproof! BUT…the silicone sealers
are a great alternative, and won’t break down…for a few years.
Toxicity is common to many of the materials we work with on a daily
basis. If the rules are followed and adequate ventilation is
available, these products really present no problem. Cheers!


Which brings us to the question as suggested on a nother thread…
one of the new, synthetic sealing materials available and better for
bezel set cabs rather than saw dust??.. has anyone tried the
suggested gasket materials to set cabs…? Jim