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Gas PSI's for Swiss Torch

Hi there,

I recently picked up the “Swiss Torch Complete System With Oxygen
Casting Head” from Otto Frei, but it didn’t come with much in the way
of documentation. I was curious if anyone with experience with this
torch could recommend Oxy and Propane fuel pressures for each of the

Hoke style head?
Microhead torch style?
Platinum torch head?
and finally Casting torch?

Thanks in advance for any provided with regards to this
product and its use.

K. David Woolley
Fredericton, NB

I have the torch and I mostly want to say that it’s the best torch
I’ve ever had!! However, we use natural gas out of the wall, so I
can’t say much about psi. Oxygen is low, as always - like 5-10 psi,
depending. I can’t use the casting torch because natural gas doesn’t
have enough psi, though I bought it. I can get a booster, I know, but
I just use another torch for casting. Mostly just a testimonial -
they’re not cheap, but they’re GREAT torches…

I use propane oxy with it, and have the large tip, and the needle
like small tips. For the large tip I use 7 gas and 10 oxy, and for
the small, either the same settings, or dialed down to 3 gas and 5
oxy. I am extremely happy with this torch system. As long as you have
the adaptors for their hoses it fits fine onto standard regulators.


I have the Swiss Torch from Otto Frei with the casting head. If you
look on the torch head near the threads, you’ll see stamped notation
of O2 3 Bar and P 1.5 Bar.

1 Bar is 14.504 PSI, so, set your O2 at 43.5 psi and set your
propane at 21.75 psi (44 and 22 works well for me and is easy to


Many gas torches, perhaps from familiarity, fear of possible
liability, or simply lacking good customer support, fail to have
adequate installation and operating instructions. As a general rule,
for oxygen/gas systems, the oxygen regulator should be set at
appoximately twice the pressure of the gas regulator. This will give
you a proper mix of gas for ignition, which can then be adjusted at
the torch handpiece to produce a Reducing, Neutral, or Oxidizing

Best Regards,
Gary W. Miller, Sr. Technical Advisor
Spirig (