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Gas Dilemma

HI everyone - this is my first question, and I�m looking forward to
any Orchidian advice that comes my way. For almost two years I�ve been
doing juried shows, and in this incredible evolution I�m realizing the
value of streamlining production time.

I weave high karat gold and fine silver, mostly combining the metals
and fabricate all one of a kind designs. I construct everything
from rings to larger pieces - neckpieces and bracelets. Recently, I
started weaving all gold pieces and need to switch to a mini torch
system for greater accuracy and hopefully better production time. I
honestly don�t know how I�ve done some of my pieces without melting

I have an acetylene �B� tank and use a #2 or 3 regular torch tip.
This is the system I learned to use years ago on silver and have
always managed to adapt it to everything. I assumed the
oxygen/acetylene combination would be the way to go, and someone
recently suggested using just propane for gold.

Take into consideration that I do not have access to natural gas.
Any suggestions on what would be the best system to use would be
greatly appreciated.

Cynthia Downs

dear cynthia,

i have always used propane because they told us at TIJT that
acetylene was too dirty for use in jewelery work. it’s also too hot
for proper jewelery work. i have worked at stores with acetylene, and
at home with propane, and i have never had poor solder joints or pits
with propane.

this is only based on my experience. i’ve been pretty happy with