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Gas and more gas

With all the talk about gas, this would be an appropriate time
for a commercial on indigestion (bg).

I thought I would add my 2 cents worth as well. I have a shop
set up in my basement. I have Natural Gas, propane, acetylene,
butane compressed air and oxygen, and use each for different
purposes. My main tool is a Smith Little torch with
oxy/propane. Perfect for little, hot flames.

When I need a very small tip, I may switch to oxy/acetylene (the
propane does not contain enough energy to sustain a flame on the
very small tips, and hydrogen is needed for the smallest tips).

I may use a propane torch (without oxygen or compressed air) to
heat a large area which does not need high heat, or an acetylene
(only) for large areas with a higher heat (like the pestolite
torch). If I need a lot of intense heat I will use a standard
welding torch with oxy/acetylene.

I have a small self igniting ‘Blazer’ hand held torch which uses
butane for small quick fixes.

I use natural gas for the bunsen burner on the bench, but have
never gone to the trouble of adapting it for a torch. The
pressure in the house after the exterior regulator is not
measured in pounds of pressure, but in inches of water, low
pressure would then be one problem. I also have compressed air
at my bench, but do not use it in my torches. You should not
use the same hoses or regulators for air and then switch to

One final thought on the name ‘B’ or ‘MC’ tank. As I understand
it these were indeed use for auto headlights, the ‘B’ was used
primarily on a bus, and the ‘MC’ on a motorcycle.

Marlin Cohrs, MBA
University of Colorado Health Sciences Center
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