Garryflex Abrasive Blocks

I’m hoping someone has heard of and knows of a source of Garryflex
Abrasive Blocks.This is a rubberized abrasive block approximately
2inches x 3 inches by 1/2 inch thick.The place where I purchased it
only had the one and being a dealer in new and used tools and
equipment, couldn’t remember where he had gotten it. The cardboard
container it comes in doesn’t state who the manufacturer is or where
it’s manufactured. It only states that it comes in Extra
Course,Course,Medium, and fine and is a gentle abrasive for the metal
finishing industry. It can be used wet or dry for metals, plastics
and ceramics. I have found it is an excellent abrasive and would like
to find a source. In checking the internet, I found two sources, but
both were in the UK, one a jewelers supply, and the other just a tool
dealer. Needless to say I would like to find a
dealer in the US. Any help would be greatly appreciated.Best wishes to
John Barton

John Enco tools has cratex sticks in 6" long square, rectangular and
round forms from course to extra fine grit. Maybe these would work
for you. I ordered some the other day, but haven’t received them
yet. Usual disclaimer.

Katharine Whittaker