Garnet Sand purpose


I found a box of garnet sand in some old supplies, anyone know what this can be used for?

I’ve had some for quite a while. What I was told and how I used it was to make it into a wet mess like making pottery clay. It can like the other discussion about holding pieces in place with investment, will hold items needing to be soldered. It’s been more than a decade since I used mine,


Garnet sand is used a a blasting media. I have some very fine grit that can be made into a slurry or paste for a final finish.


Usually it is the media used in a sand blasting device, but here is a video of using garnet sand to make a matt surface by hand.

Vera, I believe the garnet aanx the OP refers go is not actually blasting sand, or at least, was not sold for that, regardless of its original source. I sag that just because for a few tears, it was widely marketed as a soldering aid. It is coarser than the grit used by jewelers in our smaller sand blasting tools. It was sold not just as a means to position things, but because it is used wet, as a way to shield parts from soldering heat, such as stones. It is similar, though finer grained, to aluminum oxide or silicon carbide soldering grain, which also can be used wet to protect parts. The garnet sand is not as good a heat conductor so doesn’t pull as much heat away from a soldering operating as those other grains,us it is softer, so less likely to scratch metal or stones being protected. And it is much safer than the old traditional material, wet asbestos mashed up fibers. The garnet sand is also easily reused. This may be why you don’t see it offered much any more. I bought some when I first saw it, but while useful, it wasn’t used all the time, so wasn’t used up. That bag is still on the shelf, only partly used up, where its been for something over 20 years. If others used it as I did, then after initial orders, distributors went broke as people didn’t often need more…

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Hello all

THANK you! this is great information. I now recall that I thought it would be helpful for positioning loops for soldering chains.