[Ganoksin Video Library] Torch Firing PMC

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People who work in PMC all the time should really have a kiln, but
for folks who want to give it a try, the ability of PMC3 to be torch
fired is a huge advantage. This video is only a minute or two long,
and it’s practically real-time…


I have learned so much from this list serve and am so grateful for
it. I have spent the last 9 years teaching myself about lapidary and
have begun to branch out to carving wood and working with metals to
enhance the rock. I recently purchased PMC in it’s various forms and
was just in heaven when I saw the postings for the videos. I have
watched them and they are of the highest quality both in production
of the video and the presented. I am poor and humble and
still such a newbie but I know when I have found a gem and I sing
your praises constantly to all that will listen. You guys rock.