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[Ganoksin Video Library] Soldering onto PMC

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The original version of PMC was a bit tricky to solder, but PMC+ and
PMC3 are both as dense as traditional metals, so soldering is just
like working with traditional metals…


Excellent little video



Thank you for the videos on soldering the PMC. Tim McCreight is
always such a wealth of It seems to me, he is using the
sheet solder to accomplish this soldering operation. It is even more
simply to solder PMC using a paste solder. When soldering only one
join, the best idea is to use the lowest melt temperature solder
available, especially when the PMC is the base. PMC is just a bit
more porous than sheet metal and you need to use a little bit more
solder to accomplish a great join. One thing to keep in mind is that
you do not want to overheat the PMC, thus causing it to collapse and
melt into itself, which is why you use the lowest melting point of
solder that will accomplish the task. The solders that flow at either
1205 (extra easy) or 1310 ( easy) are idea for soldering the PMC and
are considered the best product for this task. Many PMC certified
instructors are now teaching soldering on the PMC and are using one
(or both) of those for the soldering operations.

Beth Katz
Paste Solder and Powder Solder for Jewelers and Metalsmiths