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Ganoksin Support Campaign

Hello All!

It is my pleasure, once again, to be continue my support as in
organizing the 4th Annual Ganoksin Support Campaign. Each year, on
behalf of Ganoksin, generous vendors and individuals donate
equipment, services, books and workshop opportunities towards
critical revenue to offset the annual server charges insuring that
you receive Orchid every day free of charge.

The winners are announced at the 12th Orchid Dinner at the Tucson
Gem Show, Friday, 8 Feb 2007

Ganoksin has made a commitment to over 65,000 subscribers,
guarenteeing the integrity of our email discussions, attacks from
spammers and insuring that the server bandwith stays within
manageable parameters.

In the next few weeks, I will be contacting many of you to be part
of this annual event. However, there may be many of you that I don’t
know and your support is greatly needed and appreciated.

If you are interested in helping us reach this goal, please contact
me directly. For a list of last year’s prizes, see:

Karen Christians

Hello All in Orchid Land!

The 4th Annual Ganoksin Support Campaign is building up steam and
forging ahead. Some of you have contacted me with great prizes, such
as a Durston Rolling Mill, certificates for stones, stone setting
classes, a flex shaft kit from Foredom, personalized business
guidance from Hill Management, jewelry and much more. We will have a
great lineup of goodies when the tickets go on sale. Right now,
collections are at the half way point towards our goal of $20,000, so
we still need your support!

Anyone can purchase a gift certificate from any vendor on behalf of
Ganoksin. Help us out towards our goal! We go live with our prize
list for tickets on November 20th and we need your help more than

Please contact me if you have tools, a service or equipment to
donate. There are many new subscribers to Ganoksin and I don’t’ know
who you are. If you are new, each year we run a support campaign to
assist in the cost of the computer servers which bring you all of
Ganoksin, its Galleries, and most of all, your daily dose of Orchid.
Prizes are collected with the idea of outfitting your studio.

Help me Help Ganoksin reach our target goal of $20,000!

Thank you on behalf of Ganoksin.


Karen Christians
Ganoksin Raffle Organizer
98 Francis St. #1
Waltham, MA 02451
781 893 1462