Ganoksin Raffle 2009

Hi All,

With all of this passion floating about the list lately, which is a
GOOD thing, just remember, when it comes time for the 2009 Ganoksin
Raffle, you all have the power to purchase a ticket and keep this
kind of dialogue flourishing.

As the proud organizer of the Ganoksin Raffles, the income derived
from tickets allows for Hanuman and Ton to moderate the forum by
keeping spammers at bay, keep away internet ghoolies by protecting
your email address, while maintaining the platform for our comments
and our diversity of thought. The raffle provides the added benefit
of potentially winning something amazing, such as tools, books,
gemstones and beautiful jewelry made by the people on this forum, for
it is from you, the contributors to the list, where we make our

The vendors, of which we have many supportive people have already
made pledges, such as GTEC, Michael Good Designs, Gesswein, Otto Frei
and more, help support this forum.

You will hear more as the months click by. Charles Lewton Brain and
I are thrilled to return to Tucson for the Orchid Dinner and announce
the winners.

We are shooting for $25,000 in prizes this year.

Stay tuned and remember, the Orchid Forum doesn’t exist without YOUR
support. To join Ganoksin, there is subscription fee, no membership
fee, it is free. By supporting the raffle, you have the best of both
worlds, a platform to discuss your ideas and comments and the
opportunity to win something cool.

If you have something to offer, a tool, a service, or a fabulous
stone, contact us.

Karen Christians
Ganoksin Raffle Organizer