Ganoksin/Orchid Brochures - Can you help?

Howdy Orchidians - Happy New Year!

I spent a bunch of time putting together a nice full color tri-fold brochure highlighting the new changes to Ganoksin and Orchid.

Can you help me? I would very much like to find places like schools, classes, clubs, shops (online and off), etc. where jewelers congregate, who would be kind enough to either give these out or place them in a location where they can be grabbed by folks who may be interested.

I would be very pleased to mail you as many of the brochures as you like, and I would of course greatly appreciate anyone who can find the brochures relevant homes.

Kindly send over your mailing address to "" along with the number of requested copies, and I will mail them out!

I would love some of the brochures. I’m always promoting Ganoksin and Orchid to other jewelers at shows and also to jewelry students who I meet at shows (a very encouraging number of them). I’ve been writing Ganoksin’s URL on the back of my business card, but I would love to have a brochure to hand them. I always tell them this is the best resource I’ve ever found, and I am excited that you’ve made brochures. I think fifteen would be enough for a while.

Janet Kofoed

I would take some to my learning center, Kalamazoo Institute of Art, Kalamazoo, MI. They have an excellent jewelry department. 25 would be fine. thank you.

Hello & Happy New Year to you as well!

For the past few months I’ve been taking classes at the Craft Alliance in St. Louis. They have fabulous instructors!! Ganoksin/Orchid is one of the resources my instructor mentions to those interested in furthering their involvement. I would be happy to take some brochures with me to the facility.

Lori Newton

HI Seth
Happy New Year to you too! I have employees who attend jewelry classes at various schools in the So. Cal area. I could hand out 50-100 or so.

David H. Fell & Co. Inc.

Thanks to everyone who responded already! You guys are amazing.

Kindly send over your mailing address to "" along with the number of requested copies, and I will mail them out!

Hi, Seth -

I have recommended Ganoksin to many folks. I’d be happy to have 50 brochures to spread the good news.

Kind regards,

Mary Stachura


Thank you Mary!

Hello Seth,
The spring semester is about to begin and I can take some brochures up to the art dept. on campus. I’ll check and see if the local HS still has jewelry classes - that would be another outlet. BTW, is there a student category for members??

Send me the PDF and I’ll print some off - no postage on your end.

Judy in Kansas, where a nasty ice storm is predicted for this weekend. If the predictions hold true, travel will only be possible for those on ice skates.

Hi Seth
I have a few places where I can distribute brochures

I will email my contact info to you

Hi, Seth,

I can take some with me to class (starts in a week and a half) and put them on a table in the jewelry classroom there. 50 should do it.


Hi Seth,

The brochures arrived today and they’re beautiful!


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Thanks Pam!

I’m the president of the local lapidary club - I can put some brochures out there if you like.

We can also put them out at our information booth at our annual show as well.

Thanks @AlyssaKay! Please email your shipping details to and I’ll mail them right out to ya!