Ganoksin new website

We all know of the new website coming to Ganoksin. Well I keep getting separate adds for it. I tried twice to sign up for the new site. I can’t remember which of my cards I used for the present membership. This is a problem since signing up with the new site needs you to enter your card #. I’ve sent two other messages about the problem since the card I did enter was rejected not for lack of funds, but because it didn’t match the card on file. This makes me wonder why for those of us already paying for our membership, why not just transferred to the new site. Of course it is more money for the new one, but everything is more expensive. I wouldn’t post this here, but WHY NOT ANSWER YOUR MESSAGES Lisa Rosen??? Is it just me you don’t want here, or is it glitch in your new program?

Hi Aggie.
Check the email with subject: “FAQs about your new membership plan.”

I was thinking our membership would increase as well. Below is a copied portion of that email that addresses what we needed to see:

“. . .Will my membership fee increase?
No! As long as you are an active member by February 14, you won’t renew at the higher price. You can keep that price until you cancel. . .”

Looks like we’re “grandfathered”. Thank you Ganoksin.

I’m not befuddled. I know exactly what I want to do. I picked the level I wanted to have for membership. I filled out the new membership form. I put in my cc#. all went fine up to the point of clicking on the last continue button. At that point a little message popped up saying, “Card does not match card on file” This is not covered in the frequently asked questions. It’s a matter of somewhere my CC# was being saved from years past, and it didn’t match the card I was using for the new website. Of course it didn’t, I used a different card. I’ve asked before in emails to customer service, with no one responding back to those. So I came here to the forum to see if I could get resolution. If not, when the new site goes live, I guess I will not be able to be part of the forum. Which even being an old dog in the jewelry business, I do learn now tricks now and then.

Hi Aggie,

…”new website”…?…i did not get an email…what is happening…!


That was fast. Thank You Julie. I don’t know w2hat is happening. The forum looks totally different once I went through back emails to see it. I haven’t gotten the daily summary of forum activity since April 22nd.